Let yourself be inspired by beautiful

tracks and tours from all over the world.

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Join us in our ride to fight poverty,
one kilometer at the time!

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Make your training a social experience
and get to know fellow bicyclists.

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See how the world looks like
from the seat of a bicycle.

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Hello stranger and welcome to our little corner of the Internet! Blu Acciaio is meant to be a positive force, helping members boost their physical activity and taking on new challenges. Our simple message is that never should you let the opportunity of doing something to challenge yourself slip through your hands, act on it and bring out the 'ness in yourself! Did we stoke your curiousity? We hope we did and that you very soon will roll with us and even take the step to become a Fundrider! Please let us know if you have questions or comments. In any case, we hope you find our featured articles below interesting.

We are very pleased to have Bikeshop.no as our sponsor! They offer a wide range of bicycle equipment to very affordable prices. And whats more, they share our belief that together we can make a difference in fighting poverty. Check out their webshop and pamper yourself (or your bike) with some of their great products!

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